New Year's Retreat - Yoga and Mindfulness in Portugal

New Year Retreat: Yoga and Mindfulness

Discover the benefits of a daily Mindfulness practice: the harmony and balance that Yoga can bring to your life.  

Days December 29, 2018 to January 1, 2019    

Moinhos Velhos, Lagos, Algarve  (the retreat will be given in Portuguese and there will be translation to English)

A retreat is an important time to redefine your life, letting go of your troubles and concerns and plunging into it, connecting to the source of energy and power that exists within you.  

Nowadays we are so busy all the time: everything moves so fast around us that we seldom have time to filter and integrate what is happening within us and our life and ponder which direction we want to go. 

A Yoga retreat is the best time to calm your mind and redefine your energy for the New Year.

Slow down for a few days will give you time to understand your emotions, reflect on and reevaluate your path and purpose in life.

How does Yoga retreat help balance the energy of the body and mind?

The practice of day-to-day Mindfulness in your retreat During these days of retreat, let's set aside daily concerns and focus on simple things like:

- Stretching the body, releasing tension (Asana)

- Breathing consciously (Pranayama)

- Relax deeply (Yoga Nidra)

- Nourish our body and mind with tasty and healthy meals (Healthy Eating)

- Meditate, rediscover our inner space of peace and harmony (Dhyana and Vedanta)

Through the practices of Yoga and Mindfulness, you will reach the state of mindfulness, focusing your attention on the present moment and accepting it without judgment.

By being aware of the Present Moment, it becomes easier to savor the beauty of life and have a deep connection with its essence.

The Location: Moinhos Velhos - Lagos (Algarve), Portugal

Surya (Isabel Baudouin Serrano), a 2003 graduate of the Sivananda Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (ATTC), is cofounder and director of the affiliated Sivananda Yoga Center of Lisbon in Portugal. A yoga practitioner since she was 19-years-old, Surya has been teaching in or translating for two or three Sivananda Teacher Training Courses a year since 2003 and has studied in, taught in, or translated for many ATTCs.

Niranjana is co-founder and director of the affiliated Sivananda Yoga Center in Portugal, as well as an yoga practitioner for more than 20 years. She has taught, translated, assisted, and counseled in the various Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Europe, Canada, and the Bahamas. For more than 15 years, Niranjana has taught courses on yoga, meditation, and positive thinking.

Participation (includes: stay, meals and practices of: Yoga, Meditation and Workshops. All rooms have bathroom):

Double Room (per person):

4 days, 3 nights: € 275

5 days, 4 nights: € 345

Single Room (subject to availability):

4 days, 3 nights: € 340

5 days, 4 nights: € 425 

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